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Cliff Lake Conservation Reserve

Cliff Lake Hikers

After a scenic boat ride from our cottages on Rib Lake and a short hike through the bush you will be in awe as you reach the edge of Cliff Lake. This Reserve contains 2,947 hectares of old growth red and white pine stands as well as yellow birch and sugar maples. The trees are small in height and don't look nearly as old as they are because they have grown very slowly in the shallow soil conditions that exist in our area. This Conservation Reserve was created April 21st 2001 in order to protect this entire area for all of us to enjoy for generations to come.

Explore the marks of the glacier...

Cliff Lake is aptly named for its impressive cliffs along the eastern shorelines. The cliffs are a fine example of a rare stoss moraine. A moraine is any landform that was created by glaciers and it is made up of debris left behind by the glacier as it retreated from the area and of the rock that was scraped and shaped by the glacier's path. The cliffs are truly magnificent against the blue sky as you view them from the calm waters of beautiful Cliff Lake.

Cliff Lake Ridge

There are many interesting erratics along the shoreline. Erratics are also the result of the glaciers. They are rocks, often large ones that are sitting out of place, having been moved along for some distance by the glacier as it moved through the area thousands of years ago.

Cliff Lake is also part of several canoe routes. Portage trails for the canoeists run from Rib lake to Cliff Lake to Fat lake and beyond.

Hike and explore the rock crevice, barren uplands, mixed forests and very scenic views, and at one point it is possible for you to view 10-15 kilometers west directly across the Cliff and Rib lakes which is breathtaking!

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Cliff Lake Crevice

Cliff Lake Crevice

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Cliff Lake Hike

Cliff Lake Nature Scenery

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